5 Must haves for Ice Fishing

5 Must haves for Ice Fishing


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5 Ice Fishing Essentials For Your Next Trip

1. Ice Auger

Let’s start it off obvious, it’s a little difficult to ice fish if you can’t drill a hole in the ice. Auger options today are endless from the classic hand drilling method which gets a touch exhausting after the ice thickens up past 6 inches or so, all the way to premium lithium battery powered options which can drill hundreds of holes on a charge but can also put a hole in your wallet. We opt for a lightweight, cost effective solution attaching a K-Drill auger to a cordless 20v drill. This setup gives you mobility, longevity, and reliability on the ice and is a great option for most budgets and any skill level.

2. Dress For Success (Not Frostbite)

It’s not called ice fishing for nothing, it is going to be cold. The wrong outfit choices are going to lead to a very short and very chilly trip. Find a set of good bibs and a jacket with insulation and floatation properties that will keep you safe and warm on the ice. Good waterproof boots are also a necessity even when fishing inside of a shack. Perhaps most importantly a good hat and gloves. Most of the heat your body loses initially comes from the head so a fleece lined beanie like we offer here at Lucky Fishing will keep you looking great and thinking straight.

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3. A Flasher (Hint We Are Giving One Away)

Critical in reading water depth, determining bottom composition, and locating/catching potential fish there are few things more crucial to ice fishing than a flasher. Flasher technology has come a long way over the years but there’s nothing more reliable to this day than a traditional classic Vexilar, which you can win right now by following this link .

4. A Rod & Reel

There are a million choices for ice combos, from the most expensive custom panfish noodles to the most simple of spring bobber ultra lights. Know your target species, keep it light for panfish like perch, sunfish, and crappie using a 24-30 inch light rod and a 500 sized reel spooled with 3-4 pound test monofilament line. For larger predators it may be necessary to step up a to a heavier setup like a medium rod with 6-8 pound monofilament.


Okay you drilled the hole, marked the fish on the Vexilar, now what? CATCH THEM. In nearly every situation a simple tungsten tear drop jig in 1/32 or 1/16 oz tipped with a wax worm or minnow is a guaranteed bite. But if live bait isn’t your thing, look for specifically designed ice plastics that are around or under an inch long and resemble natural food items for fish like bloodworms, leeches, smaller minnows, and more. A plastic with a lot of action when jigging is great for calling in fish from a great distance. For colors, don’t be afraid to go bright. A shiny gold jig or a classic white or pink jig are go-to choices and the plastic color to match rounds out your fish catching ensemble.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the ice this season, don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media @luckyfishingbrand

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